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Programmers Colony(click here)

This page is specially designed for those who wantsto learn embedded programming, this page is for freshers as well as for those who already working in embedded field. This page will help you to gain knowledge in programming and also to built a base for your work and career. The examples given here can be utilized by the learner for their project or any other kind of innovation or invention. You can also comment below if your require any advance help for your project, we will help when ever we are free and we wont cost anyone for helping, all the codes in this page are open to be used by anyone that means you don't need any license for using it(means its open source).

Communication Protocols(click here)

communication protocols are very important....its is used everywhere......for example you use a TV remote...u know how it works??how it communicate with TV????? It uses a protocol...lot of companies uses different protocols for example PHILIPS use RC5 protocol....what is RC5 Protocol???? you will find these kind of protocol listed don't waste your time....make your self efficient such a way that job will come to you......not like your have to search for it...because "knowledge is everything" will find useful documents which can help in your work as well as studies, be prepared for tomorrow...because knowledge is everything. this page is created by group of students who have taken a challenge to spread knowledge across the world. Make your time useful and make it count.

News around the world which we need to know and which important and necessary.

DID u KNOW? (click here) 

Crazy facts that will blow your mind see for yourself.

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